A world where only waifus exists.
Unsatisfied with only Yuri (Girl's Love), she ventures amidst the unknowns and created a world of her desires, filled with only beauties of her kind and dreams of her own, she created the world of waifus.
Heed not, should you wish to teleport upon the world of waifus, a simple command shall bring you there. waifuworld bind and it shall bind the channel of which you sent the command to a world of waifus.
waifuworld bind
Do you desire freedom, then if so, fear shall be brought out to you as you leave the world of waifus by a simple command.
waifuworld unbind
Are you questioning me when the next waifu arrives? Praise me as much as you wish as I shall tell you the simple command of.
waifuworld status
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