Greeting Messages
Greetings all mighty beings, I am Tha...Mana!
Welcome Messages is a well-known function amongst all Discord bots, and Mana is no exception to such as the bot allows users to customize their welcome messages to a certain amount.
To set up the welcome function, you have to first set the channel for the bot to send the welcome messages. For example, #welcome in my case here is a simple snippet of how to use the command with the example channel.
config welcome channel #welcome
After setting up the base where the bot will send its welcome message, you may start with setting up the welcome message itself, the contents. To begin, there are a few regex patterns you have to remember.
The first amongst all the regex patterns are <mention> which is used to mention the user who has joined, the next to mention is the user count which is a simple <userCount> and lastly, the server name which is simply <server>
Now that we understand what the regex patterns are, let us start with how to use the regex patterns to create a nice and warm welcome message.
config welcome set Welcome <mention> to <server>!
You are our special <userCount>th member!
This will result in a welcome message similar to.Welcome @Shindou Mihou to My Server! You are our special 99th member!
Take note, that this also applies the same for leave messages though to set up leave messages, simply rename the config welcome to config leave and the process will also be the same, example.
config leave set Sayonara, goodbye!
You can also attach an image to the welcome and leave message, simply by doing. [be sure to attach the image when using the command.]
config [welcome/leave] image
To disable the welcome image, simply do.
config [welcome/leave] image disable
To clear the welcome or leave message for cases such as when you only want to send a welcome image, simply do the following.
config [welcome/leave] set none
To disable the function, simply do config [welcome/leave] disable which will simply remove the channel set, to re-enable to function, all you would have to do is simply set the channel once more.
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