Word Count
Wordie Words!
Mana's main feature of the Profiling system, born from the original author system the bot functions, the profiling system inherits the author functions of the bot to achieve more functionality.
Meant to keep track of an author's word count, the profile system allows authors to record their word count every moment after they finish writing by using the simple command wrote [word count]which will grant experience points for the user and add word count value to their profile, for example.
wrote 1000
The more words, the more experience but there is also one factor to leveling and that is the level itself, every time you level up, there is an addition to the EXP Multiplier you receive until level 50 that will support you into leveling up much faster than ever.
For every 5 levels, a new Rank will be achieved by the user. These ranks are more of titles in which the users can brag about if they wish to, though I don't really see a need to brag.
There is also a ranking function within the bot that ranks every user that has created their profile by their EXP though only the top ten will be shown within the list, to check your server's ranking, simply use.
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