A warning a day, keeps the doctors away
Paradoxium supports a beautiful warning system that allows servers to warn a single user a hundred times and still manage to not fill up the chat through its Paging system which allows users to navigate through their warnings through pages.
To warn a user, it is as simple as using warn [user] or warn [user] [reason] which will then send out a private message to the user in question, notifying them of their warning as well as recording their warnings into our database.
warn @Shindou Mihou#9362 baka!
To pardon a user's warning, you have to retrieve the index of the warning which can be found on warnings [user] at the very first of the warning, a warning will start at index 1 and will continue on for each user.
warnings @Shindou Mihou#9362
Take for example, amidst the thousands of people warned, I want to pardon a certain user named Mihou who has a total of 10 warnings. Upon doing a warnings @Shindou Mihou#9362 all of her crimes are revealed.
To find the index of the warning we want, we simply have to look at the number at the very start of the warning for example, [1] test warned by @Potato . [1] is the index we want to pardon.
To pardon is simple, all you have to do now is pardon [user] [index] in which case in our example is pardon @Shindou Mihou#9362 1 and it will remove the warning located on index 1 which is test.
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