Fancy Ban and Kicks
A foot like yours, looks too fancy.
Paradoxium supports the usage of fancy bans and kicks which allows the user to ban, or kick another user with a shiny, sparkling boot that screams thunder upon the drop of a hammer.
To ban, or kick multiple users, you may simply mention all the users you wish to ban and the hammer shall drop upon them at once, merciless and silent shall it kill all pests it sees.
kick [user/s] or ban [user/s]
Take for example.
kick @Shindou Mihou#9362 @Mana#1190
What is that I heard, do you wish to kick several users with reasons... is that so, then here is the simple command to scream a wall of shame upon them!
kick [user/s] --reason [reason] or ban [user/s] --reason [reason].
For singular bans or kicks, you can use kick [user] [reason] or ban [user] [reason], though, for multiple, it is required to put --reason.
kick @Shindou Mihou#9362 This is rebellion!
kick @Shindou Mihou#9362 @Mana#1190 --reason This is rebellion!
Does it look complex, then here is an example usage with details. For this example, we will be banning the user Shindou Mihou with the reason of violating rule 99.
ban @Shindou Mihou#9362 Violating rule 99
Do you understand now? [user/s] refers to the users you wish to ban (please mention them), and [reason] is where you place the reasoning for their ban or kick.
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